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Have you ever wondered what definition of unit price is? Or maybe do you want to know how to calculate unit price? Here you are. In this article you will find basic information about unit price and its conversion. There will also be some unit price examples. Is it exactly what you are looking for? So keep reading to know more.

We will start with some theory about a unit price, especially with a unit price definition. Then we will move to the more practical part where you will find a unit price formula to make your own conversion and also learn about a unit price calculator. The last part will be full of practical examples, for instance, concerning storage unit price or ac unit price.

What is a unit price

As we mentioned before, we will start with some theoretical information, that is with the unit price definition. So what is the unit price? The unit price means the price of a single product or a single unit of volume or weight of a particular product, for instance, of a one pound or ounce. So in other words, the unit price defines the price per each thing when it comes to buying things together.

It is also possible to distinguish another version of the unit price definition, that is a definition of unit price in math. So what is a unit price in math? The unit price math definition is very similar to the basic unit price definition. Simply put, the unit price in math is cost per item or cost per one particular unit of weight, volume, etc., for instance, cost per one kilogram.

How to calculate unit price

If you know unit price meaning, it is time to move on to more practical information. In this part we will show you how to calculate unit price of product. We will show you two different ways for how to find the unit price. So let’s start with the first one.

The first method to calculate unit price is doing manual calculations. To make it you need a formula for unit price. We prepared it for you. A ready to use unit price formula is down below, have a look:

The total cost / the number of units = the unit price per item

As you can see, this formula is not complicated. You just need to divide one number by another. We are sure that all of you can make this calculation on your own without any bigger problems. A few examples with its use we will show you in the next part of this article, so keep reading to see a formula for unit price in practice.

How to find unit price in another way? How to calculate unit price easier and quicker? You can use a unit price calculator – a tool which enables calculation of unit price without any effort.

What is a unit price calculator exactly? It is an online app. In other words, it is an automatized web calculator. It contains a unit price formula and makes all calculations for you. You just need to enter the data, that is the total cost and the number of units. Then click the ‘calculate’ button and wait for the result. It will be shown in just a second. You have to admit it is an amazing solution.

It is also worth emphasizing that our unit price calculator is a totally free tool. You can also use it without register or login. What’s more? It works on every device with Internet connection, so you can use it wherever you are and whenever you want.

So if you know how to calculate unit price of product in two different ways, it is time to practice. In the next part you will see unit price examples.

Unit price examples

You know how to calculate the unit price in theory, now you will see how do you find the unit price in practice. Here you will find unit price examples calculated using a unit price formula and the unit price calculator.

Let’s start with examples calculated with a formula for unit price. How much ac unit cost? For instance, let’s calculate the 2 ton ac unit price. The average cost per 2 tons ac is 1490 $. So what is a unit price? Just divide this cost by 2. The equation looks as follows:

1490 / 2 = 745

So 2 ton ac unit price is equal to 745 $.

Another example. Now try to find the 3 ton ac unit price. The average cost per 3 tons ac is 1650 $. So what is a unit price? Again, divide 1490 by 3. The equation is down below:

1650 / 3 = 550

So 3 ton ac unit price is equal to 550 $.

Two more examples. Now check the 4 ton ac unit price. The average cost per 4 tons ac is 1860 $. So calculate the unit price. This time, divide 1860 by 4. Have a look:

1860 / 4 = 465

So 4 ton ac unit price is equal to 465 $.

And the last example. Calculate 5 ton ac unit price. The average cost per 5 tons ac is 1920 $. So as in the previous examples, divide 1920 by 5. The equation is as follows:

1920 / 5 = 384

So 5 ton ac unit price is equal to 384 $.

The central air unit price examples are behind us. Now we want to show you how much storage unit cost is. This time, the examples are calculated with the use of a unit price calculator. We gathered them in a clear chart. All given data concern storage unit price per month. Have a look:

5×5 storage unit price60 $unit price2.4 $
10×10 storage unit price110 $unit price1.1 $
10×20 storage unit price180 $unit price0.9 $

We hope that now the topic of a unit price is clear for you. We gathered here only the most important information, that is a unit price meaning, a unit price math definition, how to find unit price using two different methods – your own calculations or a unit price calculator – and also unit price examples.

So it is time to make your move and use this knowledge in practice. Try to make your own calculations or pick the ready to use solution – our unit price converter.

If you want to know more about a unit price, check also our other articles.

Published: 12/14/2020 Modified: 12/14/2020