Run Distance Calculator

Published: 4/30/2021 Last updated: 4/30/2021

Run Distance Calculator Definition

This free run distance calculator will allow you to measure your running speed, time, and distance. It is simple to use and will give you your results instantly after a few short steps of selecting.

The first thing to do is select Time, Distance or Speed on the run distance calculator. After selecting one of the previous mentioned, there are separate options for each and we will set you up on how to correctly choose and figure out your calculation. Please note you can use whole numbers or decimal numbers on all fields.

For TIME type in your MILES. Then type in your SPEED and click CALCULATE. This will give you your TIME in hours.

For the SPEED selection, type in your DISTANCE. Then go down and type in your TIME. After this click CALCULATE and your SPEED will be given.

In the DISTANCE selection type in your SPEED and then type in your TIME. Click CALCULATE and your DISTANCE will be given.

After any of these selections in the run distance calculator, you can edit your options and numbers. Then restart a new calculation.