Sales Tax Calculator

Published: 5/13/2021 Last updated: 5/13/2021
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Sales Tax Calculator Definition

Below is a Sales Tax Calculator that can use to compute the tax and total cost of an item in dollars quickly and easily. In order to use this calculator, you must know how much this item costs and the percentage of sales tax in that particular location or sector.

On the top left of the Sales Tax Calculator is a section for cost. For example, if you are buying a shirt for $19.99, you should enter the numbers 19.99. To get a more accurate number, you need to include the cents as well. There is already a sample written into this section, simply delete that number and type in the cost of your own item. To the right of the cost, there is a box for Sales Tax. At the end of the box is a percent, you need to type the percentage in this box. Thus, if sales tax at hotels is 12% then you should enter 12 in the box. However, if sales tax is not a whole number such as 8.2 then you should enter 8.2 as it will give you an accurate number for sales tax. There is a sample number in this box, please delete it and enter the sales tax that applies to your item. Once you are done, you can click the enter button. In the first box labeled tax, it will display the tax in dollars. At the bottom of the Sales Tax Calculator in the section labeled Total cost, it will display the total cost in dollars. If you wish to delete this information or start from the beginning click the reset button and you will return to the sample numbers for cost and sales tax.