Scientific Calculator

Published: 4/26/2021 Last updated: 4/26/2021

Scientific Calculator Definition

Are you having a hard time with your math homework? Using this scientific calculator will assist you in any math equation you may be stuck on! Whether you are at work, school, and science lab or on the go, this is the perfect calculator for you!

Scientific calculators are an improvement to most generic calculators as they have many more options. They have also replaced slide rules in most traditional applications. They are widely used in education from middle school to college/university and in the workforce. Scientific calculators are now starting to be superseded by graphing calculators in higher education and some work places in the professional field. The modern scientific calculators like the above have many more features than a standard calculator. The above scientific calculator has scientific notation, floating point arithmetic, quick access to constants such as pi and e, exponential functions and roots beyond the square root, trigonometric functions such as finding hyperbolic trigonometry and logarithmic functions. This includes using the base 10 and base e points. The scientific calculator is a widely used calculator to find certain mathematical functions that may be needed in junior high school up to the professional field.