Dilution Calculator

Published: 4/26/2021 Last updated: 4/26/2021
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Dilution Calculator Definition

Use the dilution calculator to measure stock solutions in a formula. Dilution is the process in which to make a lower concentration of a substance from higher concentration. For convenience, solutions are normally stored in higher concentrations and to avoid contamination.

To use this dilution calculator, all you need is the C1 V1 formula to equal the C2 V2 formula. The dilution calculator can be used for a vast variety of solutions with concentrations. First enter in your C1 amount and select your unit of measurement.Follow this by entering in your V2 amount and selecting that unit of measurement.Enter in your C2 amount and select its unit of measurement.Click CALCULATE V1 volume will be shown instantly.

Dilution calculators are meant to be used for teaching students or research in laboratories. They are used when working with solutions having mass per volume or weight per volume. C1 = The concentration of the stock solution.

V1 = The volume to get removed from the concentrated solution.

C2 = The FINAL concentration that is of the diluted solution.

V2 = The final volume of the diluted solution. This is the result after V1 stock solution has been diluted with a dilutent to make the diluted volume of V2.