Binomial Calculator

Published: 4/26/2021 Last updated: 4/26/2021
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Binomial Calculator Definition

If you have a binomial experiment, which is repeated trials and has an outcome of success or failure, this binomial calculator will help you get the answers you need. The results are instant and this will help you move along your experiment that much faster. An example of a binomial experiment would be a coin flip and picking either heads or tails.

To use this binomial calculator, all you need to do is add in a few numbers and click CALCULATE.

First, enter the number of trials of N.

Next, add in the exact nr of successes in N.

Finally, enter the probability of success of P.Click CALCULATE on the binomial calculator and your answers will be given on the bottom starting with the PROBABILITY OF. Below that will be SUCCESSES IN and also TRIALS. To start over, just click the CLEAR button and start over.

This binomial calculator will take the values of number trials (n), number of successes (x) and the probability of success per trial which is (P). This returns the value of the binomial probability for getting the exact (x) successes in (n) number trials.