Tax Calculator

Published: 5/14/2021 Last updated: 5/14/2021
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Tax Calculator Definition

If you are looking to find out sales tax for something before purchasing, use this sales tax calculator to help your budget. Finding a sales tax is needed since most US states have it even including some online payments. Most states even have different sales taxes in each county to really confuse some people.

It is also good to find the sales tax because if you want to pay for something and only have a limited budget, this will show you exactly what you're going to pay. Another good reason to use the tax calculator is if you go on vacation out of state or just another part of a state that has individual counties with separate sales taxes, this can help you figure out the sales tax on this tax calculator since it is also available on the go.

To use the tax calculator, first enter in the COST then the SALES TAX. Click COMPUTE and your results will be shown below instantly.The first box will show the total amount of sales tax on the item. The next box shows what the grand total with the sales tax will be.