Time Card Calculator

Published: 5/13/2021 Last updated: 5/13/2021
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Time Card Calculator Definition

The time card Calculator calculates your total hours of work simply and easily. By using this calculator you can save the time it would manually take to count your total work hours. In order to determine this information, you need to write in your start time and end time for all your work time then include your breaks.

In the time card Calculator, there is a place for five work days throughout the week. Starting on the left, you enter your start time. The first box is for the hour and the second one is for the minutes. Like a clock, if the number is below 10, include a zero in front of it. For example if you started work at 8:20am. In the first box enter the number 08 and in the second box write 30. The third box is a drop box in which you can choose am or pm. Once this is completed, you should proceed to filling out your end time much like the start time. If your end time was 1:30 pm, you need to enter it as 01 30. At the end, you should click either am or pm. In the far right, there is a section labeled Breaks. The first box is for the amount in hours and in the second the amount in minutes. If you have an hour break write 1 in the first box. If you have a 30 minute break, write 30 in the final box. Fill out all each day you worked in this way. If you only worked four days, then leave number 5 blank. Once you have finished, click Calculate and the time card Calculator will determine your total hours. To clear all the information, click the reset button and when a pop-up appears confirm that you wish to erase everything.