Factorial Calculator

Published: 4/26/2021 Last updated: 4/26/2021
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Factorial Calculator Definition

A factorial calculator determines the factorial of any number. A factorial is the function in which a number is multiplied by every number. An example would be 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120. The factorial function is used with other things to find the number of way 'N' objects can be arranged properly.

The factorial in mathematics is n! ways to arrange objects in sequence. The factorial n! gives the number of ways that objects can be permuted. So instead of calculating out a factorial one digit at a time, try using the factorial calculator to calculate the factorial n! of any number you desire.

In order to use this factorial calculator, just enter in the number and click CALCULATE. After this, it will show text in the white box below of the number given above. In order to find the factorial of another number, click CLEAR OUTPUT and start over with a new number. Just be sure to not include the ! behind your number. Factorial equations are encountered in many areas of mathematics, most notably in combinatorics, algebra and mathematical analysis. Its basic occurrence is the fact that there are n! ways to arrange n distinct objects into a sequence.