Interpolation Calculator

Published: 4/26/2021 Last updated: 4/26/2021

Interpolation Calculator Definition

An interpolation calculator will help you find the straight line between two known coordinates; this is called the linear interpolation. Normally a linear interpolation is called an interpolation. Liner interpolations are used in numerical analysis in math and other applications such as computer graphics.

To use this interpolation calculator correctly, follow these simple steps below for an instant answer to be given.

First, enter in the first co-ordinates of X1 and Y1.

Secondly, enter in the second co-ordinates of X2 and Y2.

Lastly, enter the Target X.

After this, click the CALCULATE button and your answer will be given below as the interpolated Y value within the interpolation calculator.

If you have more than one interpolation to figure out or you have made a mistake, you can click CLEAR and start over.

Interpolation has been used often to fill in gaps on a table while the basic operation of linear interpolation between two values are commonly used in computer graphics. This is sometimes considered lerp in the field of computer graphics and is just that fields jargon. Lerp is now built into the hardware of all modern computer graphics processors and are often used as building blocks for more complex operations.