Baby Percentile Calculator

Published: 5/13/2021 Last updated: 5/13/2021

Baby Percentile Calculator Definition

Interested in the growth of your children compared to others in the same age range? This baby percentile calculator is just what you are looking for. Add in a few details of your child and in minutes you will have an average in the bottom of the calculator.

The first thing you want to do in the baby percentile calculator is determine whether your child is male or female and then the age from 0 months to 36 months old. After this, you can add the body weight in either pounds or kilograms. Next add in your child's body length and head circumference in either inches or centimeters. When you start the baby percentile calculator, click the white box at the bottom where it says AUTOMATIC CALCULATION, this will put in a black checkmark and automatically calculate as you add in the child's details. The details are the child's length, weight for age, weight for length and head circumferences. This will give an estimate of your child's size in comparison to others around their age. This is helpful for determining if your child is getting the proper nutrition and is healthy or not.