Financial calculators

Maybe finances are not the most important thing in our lives but certainly it is very important. What can you do without money? You need money to satisfy basic needs. Of course, money also gives opportunity to make your dreams come true. It is not a secret that with money many things in life are so much easier.

We also know that financial calculations are not easy to make for many people. Do you not like calculating on your own too? Do you always make a mistake? Or maybe do you need an exact result as soon as possible? We have something for you! Set of financial calculators will solve your problems.

Pick a calculator which you currently need and get a result in a second. Have a look what we can offer you!

Mortgage calculator

Do you want to buy a house and need more money? Are you thinking about mortgage? Check how much you have to pay every month!

Loan calculator

Life is full of surprises. Do you need the extra cash and think about loan? Calculate your every month payment before you decide.

Auto loan calculator

Is your car broken? Do you need extra money to buy a new one? Check auto loan cost with our app.

Interest calculator

Do you need to borrow money and want to know how much interest you have to pay? Check it with our interest calculator.

Payment calculator

Did you take a loan? Do you want to know when you pay off the debt? Enter loan amount, monthly payment and interest rate to see the result!

Retirement calculator

Do you think about your retirement? Do you want to know how much savings you need? Calculate it with our retirement calculator.

Amortization calculator

If you took a loan, you probably monthly repay it. Do you want to know how your debt changes every month? Check it with amortization calculator.

Investment calculator

Do you plan an investment? Give us some basic information about it and check your forecasted end balance with our investment calculator.

Inflation calculator

Do you want to know how much money you will have after, for instance, 3% inflation? We have a flat rate inflation calculator for you!

Finance calculator

Finance is a huge topic. With our finance calculator you can calculate interest rate, future value and many more. Check here.

Income tax calculator

Do you want to estimate your tax refund? Check our income tax calculator and calculate it in quick and easy way.

Compound interest calculator

Do you want to convert monthly interest rate into annual interest rate? With our compound interest calculator you will calculate it in a second.

Salary calculator

Check how much money you earn per hour, per week and per whole year. Convert your daily rate in a flash using our salary calculator.

Interest rate calculator

Do you know total price of your loan but you do not know interest rate? You can calculate it using our interest rate calculator.

Sales Tax Calculator

Do you want to know price without tax? Enter price and tax rate to see the result! Check our sales tax calculator.

Fitness and health calculators

Health is the most important thing in our lives. If you are healthy, you can do everything you want. That’s why you should take care of your health – mental and physical.

As you see, healthy lifestyle is so popular right now. For some people it is only a temporary trend, for other it is a true lifestyle.

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to live healthier? It is possible, especially when you have a special tools. We made applications which can help you in the fight for your goals. Have a look what we have for you.

BMI calculator

Are you wondering if you have the proper weight? Check your body mass index and get an answer to this question.

Calorie calculator

Do you want to know how many calories per day you should eat? Our calorie calculator will give you the result taking account of your age, gender, height, weight and activity.

Body Fat Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much fat is in your body? You can check it with our body fat calculator. Your result will be given in percentage.

BMR calculator

BMR is basal metabolic rate. This rate is the number of calories which you need to eat every day to keep normal function of your body.

Ideal weight calculator

Do you want to know what is your ideal weight? Use our ideal weight calculator to check it!

Pace calculator

Do you run regularly? Do you know what is your running pace? Enter time and distance to get the result!

Pregnancy calculator

Are you pregnant and want to know which week and trimester of pregnancy it is? Our calculator will dispel your doubts.

Pregnancy conception calculator

Did you know when you get pregnant? No? Use our pregnancy conception calculator to know it!

Due date calculator

Are you pregnant and want to know your delivery date? Use our due date calculator to get an answer!

Math calculators

Is math not your strong side? Do you not like calculating on your own? Do not worry. We have a set of math calculators for you. They will make everything for you.

Just pick proper calculator and use it. We promise that all your calculations will be so much easier with our converters! List of our calculators you can find down below.

Scientific calculator

With scientific calculator you can make both basic and advanced calculations. Use it as “normal” calculator!

Fraction calculator

Are fractions your bind? With our fraction calculator you can calculate them easier. Everything what you need in one place – addition, subtraction and more.

Percentage calculator

What is 40% of 845? You do not have to calculate it on your own! Our percentage calculate will make it for you.

Random number generator

Do you need a random number? Our generator will pick it for you. Choose limits and click “calculate” button to see the result.

Triangle calculator

Do you need to calculate area of triangle? Or maybe do you need to know its height? No problem – our triangle calculator will give you a result in a flash.

Standard Deviation Calculator

Are you struggling with mathematical statistics exercises? If you need some help, use our standard deviation calculator.

Other calculators

That’s not all. On our website you can find also other calculators. In this category are many different calculators which can come in useful in everyday life.

If want to know what more we have for you, keep reading.

Age calculator

Do you need to calculate your or somebody else age? Pick date of birth to see the result.

Date calculator

Do you want to calculate how many days are between two dates? Our date calculator can handle it. Pick two dates and wait for the result.

Time calculator

Do you need to know how much time passed between two hours? Check out time calculator. Using this calculator you can also add time to the date or subtract from the date.

Hours calculator

Do you want to calculate hours between two days? Our hours calculator will do it for you.

GPA calculator

Grade point average is used to measure academic achievement. Do you want to calculate your GPA? Check our GPA calculator and calculate it in easier and quicker way.

Grade calculator

Do you want to calculate grade for particular subject in school? Enter individual marks and their weight to see the result.

Concrete calculator

Do you want to build a concrete stairs? Our concrete calculator will calculate how many kilograms of concrete you need to do this.

Subnet calculator

Do you need information about IPv4 or IPv6? We also have a solution for it! Check our subnet calculator.

Password generator

Do you need strong password but you do not have any ideas? Use our password generator.

Conversion calculator

Conversion calculator is an app to make conversions of different units. If you need to convert, for instance, kilograms into pounds – it will be perfect tool for you.

These were our calculators. Check them all and find out their possibilities! Which one is your favorite?