Hourly Calculator

To start calculating your wages on the hourly calculator, start with your TAKE HOME PAY with entering in your pay per your pay period. Also add in your pay periods per year.

Next on the hourly calculator, start on your TIME ALLOCATED TO WORK. This has questions about your work day. Fill in your days you work per pay period and the number of hours you work per day.

Next enter in your unpaid work breaks in minutes.

After this you can enter your work related commute and getting ready for work minutes.

Finally add in any UNREIMBURSED , WORK-RELATED EXPENSES such as the number of work-related miles on your car each day.

Add in any other work-related transportation costs per day.Next add in any daycare or dining out expenses during your work day. Don't forget to add your clothes for work per month.Click CALCULATE and your take home pay and profits will be given along with your REAL hourly wage.

Published: 5/14/2021 Modified: 5/14/2021